Review Latest Country Albums

Are you a fan of country music? Are you always on the lookout for new albums to add to your collection? Look no further, because in this article we will be reviewing the latest country albums that have been released. From established artists to up-and-coming talents, we will cover it all. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and get ready to discover some amazing new country albums.

Introducing the Latest Country Albums

In recent years, the country music scene has seen a rise in popularity with mainstream audiences. This has led to an influx of new talent and fresh sounds in the industry. With so many new albums being released, it can be overwhelming to keep track of them all. That’s why we have compiled a list of the latest country albums that are worth listening to.

1. “Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves

Released in March 2018, “Golden Hour” is the fourth studio album by Grammy-winning artist Kacey Musgraves. Known for her unique blend of traditional country and pop elements, Musgraves delivers yet another impressive album with this release. The album features hit songs such as “Space Cowboy” and “High Horse”, showcasing Musgraves’ songwriting prowess and lyrical depth.

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“Golden Hour” is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re taking a road trip, having a backyard BBQ, or just looking for some feel-good music, this album has you covered. It’s a must-have for any country music fan’s collection.


Musgraves’ single “Space Cowboy” gained widespread critical acclaim and received two Grammy nominations – Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance.


Compared to her previous albums, “Golden Hour” shows a more personal and vulnerable side of Musgraves. The album also incorporates more pop influences, making it more accessible to a wider audience.


If you’re new to Kacey Musgraves’ music, “Golden Hour” is the perfect album to start with. It showcases her unique sound and storytelling abilities, making it a standout in the country music scene.

2. “Wildcard” by Miranda Lambert

Released in November 2019, “Wildcard” is the seventh studio album by country superstar Miranda Lambert. Known for her powerful vocals and honest songwriting, Lambert delivers an album that stays true to her roots while also exploring new sounds. The album features hit singles such as “It All Comes Out in the Wash” and “Bluebird”, showcasing Lambert’s growth as an artist.

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“Wildcard” is a great album to listen to when you need a pick-me-up or are going through a tough time. Lambert’s raw and relatable lyrics will have you singing along in no time.


“Bluebird” peaked at number two on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and received two Grammy nominations – Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance.


Compared to her previous albums, “Wildcard” shows a more playful and carefree side of Lambert. However, the album still maintains her signature sound and storytelling style.


If you’re a fan of Miranda Lambert or just looking for some good ol’ country music, “Wildcard” is a must-listen. The album is a perfect blend of traditional country with a modern twist.

3. “Heartache Medication” by Jon Pardi

Released in September 2019, “Heartache Medication” is the third studio album by rising country star Jon Pardi. Known for his honky-tonk style and traditional country sound, Pardi delivers an album that pays tribute to the genre’s roots while also infusing his own style. The album features hit songs such as “Heartache Medication” and “Ain’t Always the Cowboy”.

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“Heartache Medication” is an album that you can listen to from start to finish. It’s perfect for a long drive or when you need some background music while working.


Pardi’s single “Heartache Medication” reached number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, making it his fourth number one single.


Compared to his previous albums, “Heartache Medication” showcases Pardi’s growth as an artist. It also features more upbeat and energetic songs, making it a fun and lively album.


If you’re a fan of traditional country music, “Heartache Medication” is a must-have in your collection. It’s a refreshing take on the genre and showcases Pardi’s talent as a musician.


Review Latest Country Albums

Q: Are there any collaborations on these albums?

A: Yes, Miranda Lambert’s “Wildcard” features a collaboration with Maren Morris while Kacey Musgraves’ “Golden Hour” includes a duet with Willie Nelson.

Q: Do these albums have a specific theme?

A: Each album explores different themes, but they all revolve around love, heartache, and personal experiences.

Q: Are these albums available on streaming platforms?

A: Yes, all three albums are available on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Q: Will these artists be touring soon?

A: Due to the current pandemic, tour dates have been postponed or canceled. However, keep an eye out for future tour announcements.

Q: Can I purchase physical copies of these albums?

A: Yes, physical copies of these albums are available for purchase online or at your local music store.


Review Latest Country Albums

With the rise in popularity of country music, it’s no surprise that we are seeing an influx of new and talented artists. The latest country albums have something for everyone, from traditional country fans to those who enjoy a more modern sound. So why not give these albums a listen and discover some amazing new music? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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